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"Don't worry bro?" said Steve, grinning at me, as I chugged my beer, "your gonna love this." Dad turned up the music again to about house party volume and walked over to the big Oaken double doors at the front entrance and opened them wide. In the gloom, I could only just make out a shadowy figure standing in the centre of the doorway, but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I started to make out the sexy hourglass curves lining the body beneath her loose, flowing, dressing gown. I was instantly drawn toward her hips, curving round in all the right places but still big enough to get a good wobble going when twerking. Attached to them were two hard, toned thighs that she could only have achieved by doing 'leg day' at least twice a week. Above her hips was a sculpted thin waist leading into two massive, but still perky, all-natural tits that I guessed were about 34-36 DD. By this point, I was fully erect, how could I not be with this fantastic apparition, and that's when the gorgeous. Unlike the Tanner men, Adam’s tie and waistcoat weren’t teal blue, but were perfect snowy white. He was a gorgeous study in stark black and white. Except for his eyes. From feet away I could still make out the stunning shade of emerald. I expected to see his signature cocky smile, but there was none of that as Lilly approached. His bottom lip quivered. The Adam Brooks I’d come to know was nothing like the stock-still and awed groom at the altar. Joe leaned over and whispered something in his ear. Adam swallowed hard and nodded. Then without speaking a word, Lilly’s father led her up the two steps to the altar and handed her over to Adam and the ceremony began. Nate’s smooth voice echoed off the rafters of the small church, wrapping us all in a spell of wonder as he spoke of the miracle of love. ‘I’ve performed a lot of weddings over the years,’ Nate confided just before the vows began. ‘Twenty-two to be exact. Some of the couples have been parishioners of mine, some strangers. A few.
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