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" So Russ started to relax, and to ask Trista about her life and her parents and her past, just like he would on any other date. When they got to the luxury hotel, they managed to get all the way up to the penthouse without too many people seeing them. The waiters smirked when they saw Russ in his gown, but they did their best to treat them like any other couple, except that they helped them both with their chairs. They ate on the terrace. They took their orders, and as they were waiting for the food, Trista said, "So, I haven't had a chance to ask you much about yourself." "Go ahead. Ask me anything." "OK. When did you decide that you wanted to be a woman?" she said, and laughed. Russ tried to laugh too, but he mostly just looked like he had a sick look on his face. "Just kidding. I know I'm making you wear a dress, but no kidding, you really should dress like a woman more often. You look really pretty. We could double date together." "I thought you said this was just like any. Why you two have gone dumb suddenly" she asked in a voice so calm and composed that if i had been listening her first time, i had thought it artificial. "nothing. We.. Uh.. We dont want to interrupt your baby in her lunch time" it was a lame attempt at humor. "really! we will never talk much then. Mah zanu neva leaves momma long, iznt it sweetu" the last part was addressed to baby. "ting ting. time to change the supply line. Ting ting" she trilled in a sing song voice and opening the other flap of her bra she flipped the baby round. the baby mewled"no no..momma is giving more milk, good milk to baby. Here take it" Mausmi cooed, rocking the baby gently as she fed her other breast. Her free tit also swung lightly, and it came out now completely in open. It was a proud and beautiful tit. white, big, beautifully round, and sagging a little under its own weight. The areola, light brown and nipple dark pink, was standing an inch long. It had a gleam of saliva on it and a thin white.
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