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“You and all your people have been marked for eternal suffering by the dragon who sits in judgment over all mankind,” the stark figure intoned. “Repent, therefore, and worship the one who judges you.”Well, that created quite a stir among the people. They had never heard of this dragon and had lived in peace all their lives. But the elder was a just and wise man. He, interpreting the shaking finger of the missionary as a greeting from this foreign person, stretched out his own bony finger at the stranger and intoned his own greeting.“You will suffer a feast with the people this very day and will tell us the story that has brought you to our step. Bathe therefore in the river and present yourself at this step at sundown to trade stories with the people.”The missionary had apparently heard every kind of invitation and threat before so he puffed himself up and raised his voice.“I will be at this step when the sun touches the mountains. Let every man, woman, and child ready themselves to. The lights blaze, the audience watch transfixed by the spectacle of this woman being relentlessly driven to orgasm in front of their eyes. They consume her every sound and movement, grimace and gasp, nothing is hidden as Kathy crashes into orgasm. But the machine is no considerate lover; it knows nothing of her climax just that it must continue to stimulate, to drive on. Kathy screams and jerks on the dildos as another orgasm is driven from her and then another. She is like a rag doll speared on the machine now. It is buzzing and grinding away inside her but she has been sated. I switch it off. She looks at me with unfathomable eyes. She is back, but different. Something has broken inside her or maybe something has been fixed?I help Kathy off the machine and stand her beside it and untie her arms. She rubs her wrists where the rope has left it’s tell tale mark.I pick up the microphone from the dais that has been brought to the stage.“Ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoyed Kathy’s.
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