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" Margery!" Terri shouted."Relax. I was just joking. But it did look like you two were getting a little closer than a mother and son should be, if you know what I mean."Terri sighed, "Yes... I think we might've been. I don't know what's wrong with me. I mean, I did explain how it was just a little game I was playing, and then apologized for getting him all excited like that. But... I don't know. The way he looked at me. I just had this strange desire to have him kiss me." Listen, Honey. I don't think there's anything wrong with you, at all, for wanting to do that. I can see how that could have happened. I mean, you did get excited yourself, didn't you?"Hesitantly, Terri nodded."Well, there's your answer. I think you both worked yourselves up so much, it just naturally felt like you had to do that." You think that's all it was?" Sure. I mean, I know I would have felt that way. Well, I should say I've felt that way in the past, after catching a young stud gawking at me. It just makes me. He had a magnificent specimen, long and thick, the way a nice cock should look and when he noted I was looking straight at him he cheekily waved to me, and I flashed him a huge smile, acknowledging my participation in his showing, and when he finished pissing, he started wanking.My, how he grew, so thick and sturdy, a magnificent manhood at an incredible angle, so high in fact it stood flush with his stomach.My lips were dry and my pussy wet, so I used my tongue to wet my lips and show him I was being excited, stimulated by his actions, brought into heat with his cock gyrations.He urged me to come out into the undergrowth, he wanted to service me and not cast his seed onto barren ground, so he stopped doing it, instead he waited and urged me to come to him.I excused myself and told my husband I was going to the bathroom, to take his time and read his paper and made for the door.As I emerged the look of shock on the flasher's face was a dream, and I walked deeper into the undergrowth.
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