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There were seven of us altogether, with two boys and five of us girls.“I want all of you to witness what happens when you are naughty in my house,” she spoke causing my sweat to cool in place. The others, watched in frozen fear as mother stood imposingly over me. I was just a gawky and lanky high school nerd who with some good heels could maintain an average height. I would say that I never really got attention from guys, but that would be a lie. Most of the time it was weirdos and creepers who gave me attention, and older men who routinely made me feel uncomfortable. My bright copper hair also led men to believe I was somehow crazy or exotic, which never really sat well with me either.Although in truth, Mother may have only been a few inches taller, I could have sworn she was a towering figure. Despite her fearsome attitude and unwavering demeanor, she was quite beautiful. I was totally jealous the first time I saw her long flowing brown hair, full even breasts, and firm backside.. "Mmm I knew you would start to enjoy it slut." She could hear Dylouna hiss out from above her, claws digging into her ass cheeks while the smaller furs breath ran down over the back of her neck making her shiver lightly. Dylouna hissed out, pushing every inch of the huge breeding tool into hir big sisters cunt while looking to the side and chuckling slightly as shi looked to hir mother and Violet. Hir paw pulled back and slapped down onto Kasi's ass cheek, making that fine butt jiggle slightly from the impact as Kasi hissed and moaned again. "You are such a slut, just like your girlfriend." Dy said with a snicker, thrusting hir hips forward hard making Kasi slam into the cushions hard "No. no I am not! No she is not!" Kasi said between hard breathy pants, groaning with her eyes closed tightly in both humiliation and in pleasure. Dylouna's paw slapped down on hir sisters ass again as shi leaned over Kasi's back, hir breasts pushing against Kasi's shoulders while hir hips slowly sawed.
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