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, we're not going to be able to go out on dates or anything. I wanta show you off and do all kinds of things with you."Mom couldn't help but smile and hug Ben. "Oh, you're so sweet!" she said as she smashed his face into her excited bosoms. "You really want to show me off?" Fuck yes! You're hot; Mom and I can't wait to have you beside me." I've been thinking about that too. I was tossing around an idea last night." What idea?" he asked looking up to Mom and kissed her sexy lips.Mom smiled and couldn't help but kissing him back. "Damn, this is going to be so nice!" she said and loved the warm feeling between her legs. "You better not ever change!" I won't, I promise. Now, tell me your idea." I was thinking about finding a place in the city and just coming back here for holidays and the summer. We can tell everyone that we're lovers!" Mom smiled as she thought of loving him through the night and waking in his arms. "How's that sound?" she asked as her hand gently stroked her baby's. Once I felt the orgasm on it’s way I pulled out of him and pointed my slippery, oil covered cock upwards. At the point of cumming I looked up towards the ceiling and felt the relief as I shot. I screamed out as I felt the exhilarating rush of the cumm flying out of my cock, then down onto Chris’s face and body. My legs buckled, I got down onto my knees, then into a foetal position on the floor, Chantelle faded the music out perfectly as Islumped down onto the dancefloor. The show was over and I heard applause and cheering all around me as I layin position. I looked up at the people stood around me and smiled, absolutely loving it all "WOW! ” I sighed the word out, over and over. Once more, it was the only one that came into my head! After I had recovered my composure a little and got back onto my feet, Eddie asked me to stay at the bar for twenty minutes or so. I remained naked but for my boots and still covered in oil to have a drink and mingle with the audience who had given me.
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