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And, John, when I saidfive years, I never said that you wouldn't be released earlier withgood behavior."John Phillips sat spellbound. Options. Hope. Opportunity. Maria. Thethoughts raced through his mind. He was an optimist by nature and now,the sky was clearing. The title of a book crossed his mind. The sunalso rises. Was it Steinbeck, or Hemmingway? He couldn't remember. Hedidn't care.Chanazene smiled inwardly, keeping her sympathetic face on. "John, Ipromise you, that you have the opportunity to leave here just like youcame in. I promise you that. It may take some getting used to, but youare a smart man. I am sure you can do it. Don't you think?" Yes! Mistress Chanazene," John Phillips exclaimed, a rising can dofeeling flowing into him. I will do this. I will and I will get out ofhere and fuck my Maria raw and red and then. Well, then, I'm going todump her like a bag of moldy rocks. "Thank you, Mistress Chanazene." You are more than welcome. By the way, here in school, you. The dinner was like something out of a Hollywood film. Here were two people who'd made some crucial mistakes in their past and had almost missed ever being with each other. As we sat there eating and talking quietly, I finally said some very pointed and honest things and I could see tears begin to form in the corners of Debbie's eyes and then they started to stream down over her smooth beautiful cheeks."What?? Did I say something wrong, Debbie?" I asked, not wanting to hurt her in any way."Oh no, Tom. You didn't hurt me at all. It just suddenly struck me how much I'd loved you for so many years and how silly I was that night to tell you that I couldn't go out on a date with you. I cried for hours that night, knowing that by telling you that I had probably lost you forever. And I had. Tom, is there any way I can make it up to you for the lie I told you that night and for not being honest with either of us?? Can I do anything to make something out of a very bad decision that I made as a.
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