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”“Go, Brad go! Go Jake go!” The girls would chant quite often. Dan and the men nearby enjoyed the views when they’d stand if one of their boys nearly scored.The game grew more intense as the clock ticked off the seconds and minutes. Dan was surprised the girls behaved themselves. Their out of season short hemmed, low cut clothing caught the attention of many admiring males when they’d leave to use the washroom or buy some snacks.They cheered as loud as they could when Brad or Jake and even Scott Warren was on the ice. Their chorus was even louder when Brad and Jake were announced earning assists on Cody Eakin’s goal.The score was 3 to 1 for Team Orr at the end of the first period with Brad earning two assists and Jake one.The second period ended with Team Orr now leading Team Cherry, 5 to 1. The game seemed out of reach for Team Cherry. Dan reminded the girls that there was still time for the other team to come back and tie the game. He has witnessed teams losing by four, five, even. She interrupted me. I didn't say it.“Chad Dupree. I see you haven’t forgotten me. Let me ask you something… do you still have my ‘souvenir?’” She said.“Yes, I do.”“What if I said… one last time, for old’s time’s sake? One last fuck.”“Okay. Cool. Why one last time?” I said.“I’ll tell you tomorrow,” She said, biting her lip. “I miss you” I texted the next day with the most charm that I had. She texted back: “Horny?” Then a selfie of her with the “duck face”. I texted back subsequently: “Wanna find out?” With a picture of my sweats from the front. She later came to get me in her slightly used car that afternoon.“Where we going?” I said.“To my place. My son hasn’t gotten out of school yet.”“Oh…” I replied.“Chad, you know the thing I said I was going to tell you today?”“Yeah,” I said.A few seconds later, the three words escaped from her lips that brings me to mourn:“I'm getting married.”“Congrats,” I said with manners. “When’s the wedding?”“Next year.”I had a myriad of emotions running.
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